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Facilities Quality Officer 

Evening shift

Job Description

[ÈST] Éco-cabines is a company located in Miguasha that offers glamping-type accommodation services as well as an exclusive spa rental. The company will undertake several major developments in the coming months and is therefore looking to expand its team.



We are looking for a reliable, meticulous and efficient person to carry out the maintenance of our facilities on a full-time basis. The person will work in conjunction with the Facilities Quality Manager, Operations Manager and Senior Administrator.


Competitive working conditions:

Between 32.5 and 35 hours per week, performed from Wednesday to Sunday

Starting salary at $21.50/hr (including an evening bonus)

4 weeks of paid vacation per year

1 free access per month to the spa

Payment of 45% of the employee's cellular subscription

Sick leave bank


Description of tasks:

- Perform spa cleaning

- Perform laundry and folding

- Clean the cabins

- Carry out the cleaning of the reception building

- Perform other related tasks related to the upkeep and maintenance of facilities


The person sought has the following qualities:

- Good physical shape, good vision;

- Ability to drive a golf kart or all-terrain vehicle at low speed;

- Organized, resourceful, efficient with good priority management;

- Concern for cleanliness, attention to detail, customer vision;

- Experience in housekeeping an asset.

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