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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I park in front of my cabin?

If you are staying in a [Thuya] you will have to park your car at the entrance of the site and meet you at your cabin on foot. We provide our customers with a trolley to transport your personal effects. A valet service is also available on request, indicate your need in your reservation. If you are staying in a [ublo] reserved parking will allow you to park your car a few meters from your unit.

Are there toilets and showers in each cabin?

Each cabin is equipped with a state-of-the-art compost toilet (odorless, I promise!). The spacious full bathrooms are located in the 24-hour sanitary block.

How big are the cabins?

Our [Thuya] are 15X24 and our [ublo] are 20X25. The [Thuya] are designed to accommodate a maximum of two people while the [ublo] are designed for 4 people.

What is the site's level of privacy?

Each location has been identified with the greatest concern for privacy. Vision and sound tests were carried out to determine the locations of our booths. The orientation of the windows will also allow you to never see or be seen by neighbors or passers-by. We have made privacy our number one priority.

What about Wi-Fi?

We encourage our customers to plan teleworking in our homes, so we have planned network installations in each unit to ensure the quality of the bandwidth. So we have excellent Wi-Fi!

Do i need to bring a cooler?

All our cabins are equipped with a small refrigerator. Your cooler is only required if you plan to bring a large amount of food or if you are traveling for a long time and are concerned about storing your food during the trip.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Should I bring sheets or towels?

No. We provide sheets and towels. Bring your own soap and shampoo, however, if you forget, we will be able to provide you with some from our local artisans.

Is there everything you need to cook?

Yes! You won't be able to roast an entire duck, but you can certainly cook most of the dishes you want. Here is what our kitchenettes contain: induction hob, toaster oven (pizza), pots, frying pan, grater, strainer, coffee maker, utensils and cutlery.  

Can I add people to my reservation?

Yes of course. You must contact us before the start of your session to notify us of the addition. Fees will apply. Also, it is not possible to add a person if the maximum occupancy of the station has already been reached. Stations #1 and #2 can each accommodate a maximum of 4 people and station #3 can accommodate a maximum of 6 people. 

Contact us at any time if questions persist.
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